2019 Ultimate Boss Content Planner

365 Days of Fresh Content
For Your Pet Business Marketing

Discount deadline: January 31, 2019

Are you struggling to create engaging content for your social media and promotions each month? 

It can be overwhelming and exhausting to keep up with all the demands of running a small business, let alone worrying about social media and marketing! That can feel like a full time job by itself, right?!

The good news is our "2019 Ultimate Pet Boss Planner" takes all the hassle out of creating engaging and creative content for all your marketing channels! 

With over 600 graphics (almost two years worth!) professionally designed, and copy written, using high-res, non-standard stock photos ororiginal illustrations, ready for you to use...we've taken all the labor intensive work out of it!  Easily add your brand or your own spin to them, too! Stand out from your competition and save thousands by letting us do all the work for you. Your content will retain your customers's attention and improve brand loyalty, too! 

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Camp Pet Boss

Business Conference Meets
Vacation with Your Dog

April 30-May 3

Camp Pet Boss gives pet professionals from all over the country the opportunity to learn about marketing, sales and leadership, all while spending important bonding time with your pets, mother nature and other industry professionals.

Ideal “Campers” are pet boutique and pet product retailers, doggy daycare and grooming salon owners, and even brands. For three days and four nights, you will learn the systems and strategies that successful businesses use to scale, increase revenue, or help you get more of your precious time back.

Accommodations include cabin-like lodging, each with their own shower and bathroom. Campers can book single rooms or can share with up to three people. All healthy dogs are welcome. Attendees without pets are also welcome and encouraged to join.

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The Pet Boss Club

The Pet Boss Club is my exclusive membership program. Hang out with me, world class experts, and other pet bosses while you receive the tools and motivation to grow your pet business. You'll also have access to a library of real business resources, templates, and tools - curated, tried, and tested! Every month you'll be growing your business, making more money, and living like a boss!

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Merchandise Planning Services

Mismanaged inventory in your pet store can quickly lead to cash flow problems and decreased profitability. Well timed inflow puts you in the best position to sell at full price. How is that working for you? Do you land goods too early, or too late? How frequently does your inventory turn? Flow goods when you're predicted to sell them with 94% accuracy! We're helping pet industry retailers take their business to the next level.

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Let's Work Together

Invest in yourself and see success faster with private, one-on-one coaching. Not only do you get my systems to success, but you'll get the customized support you need! We can meet virtually or in person. Whether you have and SOS emergency type need, an individual strategy session to get you pointed in the right direction or monthly consulting, I'll replace your anxiety, stress, and overwhelm with a plan of action. We'll put YOU back in control and on course for success immediately!