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Level up with a pet industry mentor!

Are you looking for some 1:1 coaching help in a particular part of your business? Need help fine tuning your brand or content strategy, managing your inventory, figuring out paid or organic social media or other general business help? 

We've hand selected a team of experts to help you overcome any problem or opportunity areas of your business. Through one or a series of live working sessions, we'll help you with larger strategy or day-to-day operations to get your business running optimally. And the best part … no long-term contracts! 

New Mentor Website Graphics

How the Mentor Program works...

Our Mentor sessions are 60 minute, Zoom video meetings. Your Mentor will help you get clear on a specific question, issue, or topic you'd like to discuss. Sessions are $297 which will be billed to your credit card when an appointment is on the calendar with your designated mentor. Here are the exact steps of the process.


Step 1 - Learn More & Get Connected

Click the red button on this page and book a time with a Pet Boss Nation team member to either learn more about the program or get started right away! At this time, you'll provide your payment details.


Step 2 - Get Scheduled

After the initial call above, you’ll be connected with one of our Mentors to schedule a time together. They'll send you a few intake questions to get to know you and your situation better before your meeting. You'll be asked to send any related materials for them to review in advance and share a Zoom link for your session. Your credit card on file will be charged at the time of booking.


Step 3 - Meet with your Mentor

During your meeting, the Mentor will guide you through a 60 minute session to work through your challenges, talk about solutions and get you on the right path.


Step 4 - Post Session

You’ll be sent a recap form from your Mentor within 5 business days, along with a quick survey to complete.



Step 5 - Additional Support

If you need more support, you can book additional sessions with the same or new Mentors. Just book another call by clicking the red button on this page.


Katrina Frank

Founder and CEO, Be Frank Consulting LLC

With nearly 20 years of experience in advertising, marketing and branding, and having been on the brand, agency and publishing sides of the business, I understand what goes into building a successful brand. I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies, small start-ups and nonprofits to help them build their brand, content, product and partnership strategies as well as helped lead and develop teams to execute it all. I love helping brands build something new and that all starts with a good brainstorm and planning session and thinking about new ways to uncover the right solution.

Book a 60 minute video consultation to address needs you have in the areas of:

- Branding (strategy, guidelines)

- Marketing mix

- Content strategy

- Social playbook


Wendi Tanner

Founder and CEO, Insight Merchant Strategies

With over 25 years of experience in both retail and wholesale, I am extremely familiar with all aspects of the business from product creation to retail sale. I have been an entrepreneur most of my career so I am passionate about helping independent retailers grow revenue, manage inventory and maximize cash flow. By looking at your current business situation, how and where we can improve, I can help you find the true potential of your business and guide you on how to get there.


Book a 60 minute video consultation with Wendi Tanner to address needs you have in the areas of:

- Retail inventory management

- Cashflow

- Merchandise assortment

- New store / expansion strategy

- Vendor negotiation


Tori Mistick

CEO of Wear Wag Repeat

Over the past 10 years, I have built the award-winning dog lifestyle blog and multi-media platform, Wear Wag Repeat. My expertise in social media engagement is the key to the success of my blog, online store, pet industry podcast and e-courses. With a community of over 70,000 dog moms, I'm passionate about teaching other business owners how to use social media and blogging that delights their target audience.


Book a 60 minute video consultation with Tori Mistick to address needs you have in the areas of:


- Instagram strategy: content creation, organic engagement and influencer marketing

- SEO optimized blogging strategy


Ronica Brown

Founder and CEO, Ronica Brown Agency

My first attempt at business was at age 9 when I started selling ketchup packets to classmates in school. I quickly learned the harsh lessons about cash flow, profits, and keeping more of what I made. Now, my passion is to teach business owners how to manage their business financial life. After completing my master’s degree in accounting and taxation, I worked 11 years helping high-net-worth individuals and corporations to reduce their taxes. Now, I use these same concepts to help small businesses implement money saving strategies that are designed to reduce their taxes and keep more money in their pocket by using the tax loopholes that the IRS allows them to take.


Book a 60 minute video consultation with Ronica Brown in the following areas of finance and accounting:

- Tax Strategy and Planning

- Record Keeping

- General Accounting

- Financial Planning

- Cash Flow


Kimberley McAdams

Founder and CEO, Infinite Leadership

I have spent most of my working career in leadership roles, with up to 300 employees. I have a Co-Active coaching certification, a BComm in Entrepreneurial Management and I have invested tens of thousands of dollars in my own personal mastery in the last 5 years. I promise you I will be real and share my own missteps and failures because I believe in the power of sharing and giving permission to fail. When we fail, it means we are taking big leaps, learning, building resilience, and moving towards excellence.


Book a 60 minute video consultation with Kimberly McAdams to address needs you have in the areas of:

- Hiring, training and developing great employees

- Leadership and communication

- Giving and receiving feedback

- Motivation and engagement


Moriah Garnett

Founder and CEO, My Clever VA

I am a Pinterest Marketing expert who helps small business owners increase traffic to their website and boost sales with the power of Pinterest. My specialty is showing bosses how to use Pinterest to find more clients, build SEO, and improve brand awareness. I know Pinterest can be a hidden gem for your pet businesses if used strategically and I would love to show you how to do it.


Book a 60 minute video consultation with Moriah Garnett in the area of Pinterest:

- Pinterest strategy

- Pinterest content

- Pinterest promotion / promoted pins


Ed Kaczmarek

Co-Founder and CMO, Urban Pooch

With over 30 years of strategic marketing, digital and innovation experience coupled with 12 years of pet entrepreneurship, I bring a unique perspective to mentorship. I co-created two multi-million dollar dog retail/daycare/services businesses in Chicago that are achieving success and bringing joy to many. I have a passion to create, grow and evolve businesses to achieve success and I would love to help you overcome any challenges to grow and improve your pet business as well!


Book a 60 minute video consultation with Ed Kaczmarek in the areas of

- Doggie Daycare

- Boarding

- Grooming

- Growing the business profitably


Kimberly Gauthier

Founder and CEO, Keep the Tail Wagging

I am the founder and editor of three blogs: Keep the Tail Wagging®, a blog about raising dogs naturally, Dog Mom Style, and Staying Home with Dogs. My blog has grown from a hobby into a woman / minority-owned small business where pet parents can find personal articles, books on raw feeding, videos, local and online events, recipes for dog food, and more. My mission is to empower pet parents to make better choices, speak up for their pets, and raise awareness of natural alternative canine care by sharing my experience raising five dogs.


Book a 60 minute video consultation with Kimberly Gauthier in the areas of:

- Facebook content to capture consumer attention

- Blog content

- Driving people to your website

- Help with FB Lives

- Understanding Raw Food and why it is an important category to have in your store


Daniel Reitman

Founder and CEO, Dan’s Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

I am a lifelong entrepreneur who started my first business in elementary school. My passion for animals began with my first career position as a vet tech where I found the inspiration to launch Dan's Dog Walking and Pet Sitting, a full service pet care provider in NY that has grown into a multi million dollar business with a client base of over 2000. I also launched and sold a tech company so I am very tech oriented. I would love to help you automate and grow your dog walking and pet sitting business by improving your digital footprint and existing systems.


Book a 60 minute video consultation with Daniel Reitman in the areas of:

- Dog walking and or Pet sitting

- Digital Marketing to build awareness and increase dog walking and pet sitting clients

- Automation and improvement of processes to grow dog walking and pet sitting business


Gila Kurtz

Co-Founder and President, Dog is Good

Following a career in education, I built a successful dog training business and then co-founded the award winning, highly recognizable lifestyle brand "Dog is Good". As the recipient of several business awards and the author of the #1 international bestselling book, " Fur Covered Wisdom", I take a dog-centric approach to life, leadership and relationships. I am passionate about empowering people to unleash their potential, lead with impact and master their mindset. By working with you to identify your big picture vision, I hope to inspire you with actionable ideas to achieve your goals and live a more authentic life.


Book a 60 minute video consultation with Gila Kurtz to address needs you have in the areas of:

- Big Picture Vision and Mindset Strategy

- Manufacturing & Licensing

- Navigating a successful sales process


Jessica Austin

Social Media Strategist, Crystal Media

With extensive experience in PR, branding and social media, I bring over 10 years of knowledge of all-things-digital-marketing to my role as the FB and IG Ads Manager at Crystal Media. I have a knack for problem-solving and a passion for my clients' success, I build ad campaigns that fit seamlessly with my retailers' marketing strategy. Nothing makes me happier than seeing traffic, sales and clients' smiles grow!


Book a 60 minute video consultation with Jessica Austin from Crystal Media in the areas of:

- Facebook and Instagram Ads

- Social Media Strategy specific to Retail



You're an expert on something amazing, right? And you want to help pet professionals turn their passion for pets into a more profitable, successful and rewarding business, right? YES? GREAT! We do, too!


We take great pride in who is a Pet Boss Mentor, which is why we personally hand select them. To get to know you better, please fill out our application for consideration as a Mentor. Openings for Mentors are based on the demand for the topic of interest and the hole that needs to be filled on our team for that subject matter.