"Life is like a dogsled team. If you ain't the lead dog, the view never changes."


Instinctually, I've lived this quote in most of my life. Confidence and a "go for what I want" attitude comes naturally to me, but it's never without its ups and downs. Risks and rewards teach me that no matter what...life is hard, so we might as well make the life we want!

In 2006, I opened my first retail store in Chicago called Dogaholics. Here's the risk - I picked a location only 200 feet from Chicago's first and most successful dog boutique. Yep, that decision made my life very difficult. Since most vendors wouldn't sell to me (among other intense challenges), I had to get creative. So, I sourced unique, never seen in Chicago product lines. Customers ended up loving my selection leading to a great reward. My first year in this hyper-competitive market, we did $600k in revenue!



Within two years, I opened two more locations and grew to 27 employees (and I was only 27, myself! I had no idea what I was doing!). I was $400k in debt, and as luck would have it the recession was just getting started (can you sense my inner wolf growling?). I started to wonder why I had done this to myself. Why did I grow so fast? Where did all the money go? Why was I working 16 hours a day? Why were my employees not listening to me? Why did I gain so much weight? Why was my marriage failing?

Running a pet business sure wasn't about playing with puppies all day! My journey was paved with serious obstacles and struggles, expansion and contraction that almost put me out of business, and challenges that taught me to turn any crisis into a growth opportunity.

Since my days of struggle and overwhelm, I've taken my initial concept of a brick and mortar retail location and turned it into multiple revenue streams - retail, grooming, doggy daycare, boarding, training, dog walking, play park memberships, online informational products, books, merchandise, and now business consulting through Pet Boss Nation.

My proudest achievement was hitting the 7-figure revenue mark with two separate business models.

How did I turn it all around? The answer is easy. I stopped running my business like I was self-employed and started running it like a business. I didn't even realize there was a difference until I got support and gained more knowledge.

I believe to my core that when we invest in ourselves, we will always win. It's never CAN YOU do something. Rather, WILL YOU do something.


Instead of being stuck in my pet business all day, I'm now traveling the world living a stress-free life with my canine kids, Guinness & Clover.

Are you ready to become the lead dog and change your view?

Join me! I'm here for you!

Candace, The Pet Boss



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